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What we do

Ørbas provides methods to better understanding of your organisations environmental impacts and performance by preforming holisitic assessments. Our services focus on helping you to assess sustainability to better understand, improve, and communicate your environmental performance.

Our Services

Life Cycle Assessment

LCA provides organisations with a comprehensive understanding of the environmental impacts and provides information to enable informed decisions to improve their environmental performance. Ørbas conducts streamlined, product, and organisational LCAs to the required standard.

Remote Sensing

Ørbas offers a variety of remote sensing services and expertise, primarily around the areas of image processing, software development, habitat mapping, natural resource monitoring, remote sensing in agriculture and product development. The team at Ørbas can develop end to end software solutions that utilise remote sensing data, or provide advice on technologies, data sources and methodologies in remote sensing

Critical LCA review and verification

Integrity is vital for communicating LCA results. Ørbas are an accredited reviewer and perform critical reviews which are mandated by the ISO 14040 standard for LCAs being disclosed to the public.

PCR and EPD development

An Environmental Product Declaration is a verified and registered document that communicates transparent and comparable information about the life-cycle environmental impact of a product. Ørbas aids organisations in the development product category rules (PCR) for the EPD to created and successfully completed

GHG accounting

Calculating and auditing GHG emissions is becoming a critical activity for organisations and regions. Ørbas can assist you in quantifying your total GHG emissions based on the requirements and relevant protocols of ISO 14064-1, enabling compliance with required reporting standard.

Footprinting (carbon, water, ecological)

A carbon, water, or ecological based on a full LCA model can be performed on a single product, or the entire supply chain of a company. Orbas specializes in performing footprinting assessments in an effort to better understand and reduce environmental impacts

Mass Flow Analysis and Circular economy

Ørbas experts can help you to identify and manage energy and material flows on an organisational and regional level in order to reduce waste where appropriate and turn other wastes into value added product.

Soil and agricultural resource assessment

Prof. Nick Holden is a leading soil science and agricultural expert who specialises in sustainable soil and agricultural management and soil remediation. Our advisory service can help you to maximise value of soil resources for best agricultural use


The Ørbas team have completed academic and commercial research projects including state funded desk studies, EU FP7 projects in the areas of life cycle assessment, soil science, energy crop trials, waste management and circular economy.

Bespoke training

We offer a range of training packages from 1 hour tutorials to full day workshops, that can be tailored to your needs. Training courses include introduction to LCA, LCA software demonstrations, and embedding life cycle thinking and LCA into your organisation