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Ørbas specialise in quantifying, visualising and communicating sustainability. Formed in 2013, Ørbas brings together leading sustainability experts who are committed to improving businesses and clients through systems thinking and life cycle management.

Ørbas also specialise in the commercial and scientific use of remote sensing in natural resources, conservation and agriculture. The team have a focus on advanced image processing, machine learning, software development and modelling.


Ørbas produces high quality commercially focused analysis that is objective, independent, and scientific.

We utilise the most relevant standards to perform our work and ensure 3rd party verification where applicable

The Team


Nick is a Professor of Biosystems Engineering and a global leader in food chain sustainability. Nick is on the editorial board of Nature Scientific reports, is an EPD verifier and academic reviewer of 28 journals and 7 national governments


Jerome’s expertise lie in the areas of GIS and remote sensing in agriculture and environmental management. In particular, the development of image processing tools and software around radiometric correction, image classification, image enhancement, machine learning and data transfer. Jerome has a PhD in remote sensing from University College Dublin. He has worked with a host of institutes and organizations throughout the world on a wide variety of commercial and academic projects. He has numerous publications, is a peer-reviewer for a variety of remote sensing journals and is a member of various funding and professional advisory boards.

Case studies


The environmental impacts of the OBEO food waste caddy were quantified. The implications of introducing OBEO to the food waste disposal system in Ireland was assessed.

“Ørbas is the perfect service for any company wishing to calculate their environmental footprint. They were great to work with and very thorough. They presented us with a comprehensive report that we still reference 3 years on. I'd highly recommend them” Kate Cronin - Obeo

rx3 composting profile

Eoin produced the first environmental profile of Irish compost production and use. The study showed that using a composting system to manage organic waste and produce organic fertiliser is a much more effective than landfilling.

Cynar - PCR

Ørbas helped Cynar produce 'product category rules' for bio-oils enabling them to produce an EPD. PCR:

NVP Energy

We carried out a carbon reduction assessment for NVP Energy, this allowed them to present their technologies carbon saving potential at the Shell springboard final, 2016.

Irish Sea Fisheries Board

We have carried out a carbon footprint of Mussels for the Irish Sea Fisheries Board.

Self-Help Africa

We have carried out various remote sensing activities in collaboration with Self-Help Africa in Malawi using high-resolution satellite imagery and advanced machine learning techniques with a view to developing software to detect and monitor highly invasive pests, such as the Fall Armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda).

New York University

We have carried out remote sensing analysis of conservation agriculture practices in the Shire River Basin of Malawi in collaboration with Prof. Andrew Bell and his team from New York University and colleagues from the International Food Policy Research Institute. Here we built a tool that can detect the three principal types of conservation agriculture practised in the region using high resolution multispectral satellite imagery.


Orbas is a partner in iHabiMap, a large scale EPA funding project that will develop tools for assessing Annex I habitats using UAV's. The project will test various UAV derived datasets over multiple habitats in Ireland using AI and deep learning techniques to map and monitor their status. Upscaling to satellite-based observations is another goal of the project.